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Descriptions of classes held at THRIVE Yoga in Cape Coral
All Levels Yoga – This mixed level class is open to all levels of practice focusing on connecting breath, mindfulness and alignment in order to build strength, balance and flexibility.  Options and modifications are emphasized; allowing you to meet your body’s needs and experience level and design your own unique experience.

Chair Yoga* - Yoga truly is for everybody and every body!  In chair yoga, you can still experience the profound benefits of yoga practice without being hindered by limited mobility or an inability to get up and down from the floor.  Through yoga poses performed while seated in a chair or using a chair for balance, you'll increase flexibility & strength, improve balance and integrate mind, body and spirit.

Evening Energy Flow - ​This energetic all levels flow class combines traditional asana (poses) and sequences to invigorate the mind, body and senses and release stress & tension.  End your day with this class to awaken your strength, energy, flexibility and focus.  

Gentle Yoga* – A slower paced class with emphasis on seated and reclined postures, breath and mindfulness to increase stability, mobility and flexibility.​

Slow Flow & Meditation – This class takes a restorative approach to vinyasa flow.​  Flow in and out of stillness to ground the body, quiet the mind and calm the nervous system while taking the opportunity to pause and reconnect with oneself.  Move with intention and hold postures longer to cultivate strength, integration and alignment.  Each class ends with a guided meditation to encourage deep relaxation and create harmony and balance on and off the mat.​

Stretch & Release - This class invites you to slow down and create space for stillness while nourishing joints, ligaments, tendons and muscle fascia.  The use of props encourages passive holds of mostly seated or supine (lying down) postures for a period of 2-5 minutes, allowing muscles, joints, connective tissue and fascia to release tension.   Stretch & Release will provide you with an opportunity to go inward, finding an appropriate balance between effort and ease.  Suitable for all levels, including beginners.  
Stretch & Strengthen* - Suitable for all levels, including beginners.  Stretch & Strengthen is a slower paced class that emphasizes a safe approach to increasing flexibility and strength through a traditional approach to yoga asana.  Through a combination of standing, seated and supine poses, stretching and breath work, you’ll release stress & tension in the body while increasing flexibility, improving balance and building strength. 

THRIVE Core Flow - Suitable for all levels and consists of asana and breath work, as well as stretching and strength work to restore and strengthen the abdominal core and all supporting musculature. 

THRIVE Power Hour – Focus on linking conscious breath with an invigorating and fast-paced heat-building flow to cultivate strength, stamina and stability.  Students will find it helpful to have some familiarity with basic asana and modifications.

THRIVE & Restore* – Thirty minutes of a slow flow practice followed by a 45-minute restorative practice that allows complete relaxation through the use of props and guided relaxation.

Yoga Basics* – Designed to introduce students to the foundation of asana and alignment, breath work, sequences and variations.  Suitable for beginners, or any student who wishes to return to the fundamentals of yoga to deepen their practice.

*Denotes the most beginner friendly class options.

*Beginners are welcome in classes with 'All Levels' in the class name or description, modifications may be necessary.